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Voice of Salvation and Healing Church International (Vosh Church Int.) has its registered headquarters in Kisumu, Post office Box No. 582 – 40100. Our mission statement is “To Remain a Voice proclaiming and expressing the Gospel of the kingdom of God, to all people, All over the world.” Vosh Church Int’l emblem expressly sends out the message of unity by the powerful words inscribed in it “ONE WAY, ONE JOB” hence our cohesion as the body of Christ.

Voice of salvation and Healing Church is governed by the council of elders at its very apex. This comprises of the Archbishop as the chairman. All the presiding Bishops, Secretary Generals and the National Treasurers of the different nations and the national women leaders.

All the members of the Council of elders are either appointed or elected into their respective offices. The National Executive Council administers, manages and directs spiritual, policy matters and even the socio economic issues of the Church on behalf of the N.C.E. They operate from the Mission headquarters office with a composition of the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary General and National treasurer. This comes down to the National Council (N.C.M) popularly known as the Annual General Meeting which comprises NCE Members, Pastors oversees, Pastors and Regional women and Youth leaders, Evangelists, Assembly Secretaries and Treasurers and representatives of retirees. The next level is the regional office which is an equivalent of a Diocese headed by a regional chairman or Bishop. The next lower step of the sub-Region led by a sub-regional overseer. The next lower level is the Assembly of Churches led by a Senior Pastor.

Then finally at the grassroots level is a local Church congregation led by a Pastor. There is a wing of the Church leadership which deals or acts as the custodian of all Church properties. This is the board of Trustees who are duly appointed and ratified by the NCE and NCM respectively.

Voice of salvation and Healing Church international has branches all over East Africa with presiding Bishops in all the different countries. All of them answer to the Archbishop at the Mission Headquarters but are semi autonomous with their constitution heavily borrowing from the parent constitution at the headquarters. In Kenya alone, we have 25 sub-regions with over 800 Churches.

The work continues and more branches are mushrooming. We look forward to a faster expansion as the implementation of the five year strategic plan start in earnest.